October 1, 2010

Middle East Tension and LA Heat Wave

Flocab came to rock till it’s over
The Week in Rap live at the top of October
While we make records
People break records
Come along now listen up ya’ll check it
The University of California Irvine
Set a Guinness World Record for dodgeball
Now I’m gonna take it overseas for a flash
The deadline for the Israeli Settlements is heading fast
They’re thinking that the peace talks won’t last
As the West Bank gets built up
But will it crash?
It’s getting shaken like the White House staff
As the Cabinet switches up on their own path
But meanwhile this administration’s
Gonna propose internet tapping legislation
They wanna monitor your facebook and email
And know they’ll be able to decode every detail
And now we sail out to the Midwest
Where the flood victims wonder what’s next
Many hoping for a government buyout
So they can take a train or a plane and try to fly out
They could drive out
But if they were a teen
The STANDUP Act would make it harder it seems
They wanna make it more difficult to drive
So the death toll decrease and more of ya’ll survive
Out in Cali it’s a heat wave, right
It’s hot in October like it was in July
Los Angeles hit 113
And the people lost power tryin’ to run the A.C.
North Korea’s leader may be heading on soon
We may see the succession of Kim Jong Un
Flocab never raps to the wrong tune
Bump this again this weekend cleaning your room.
What has Joe tried to cultivate?
A sense of fashion
What idiom does Joe use to describe himself?
Over the top
What state had lots of flooding?

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