October 14, 2011

The News Goes to Hollywood

Yeah - sit back and relax,
A little guitar for y'all, The Week in Rap.
Yes. Flocab is the truth, dog-gone-it!
The beat's not a bed, why would I lie on it?

We all need to stand up for the weak,
And we might win the Nobel Prize for Peace.
Three ladies in Africa and the Middle East,
Did just that, Congrats you three!

Egyptian Christians started to protest,
Then they got beat by thugs, you know the rest.
Violence and beef, clashes in the street,
Imagine if a truck came crashing into me.

In Afghanistan, the US is training troops,
For the day that they'll disappear in a poof.
I mean leave, Afghans will stay and fight,
Training's tough when most can't read or write.

A Nigerian man was committed,
To payback against the US, he said he did it
Years ago he tried to make a plane go boom,
With a bomb he had put in his Fruit of the Looms.

The U.S. says Iranians paid cash,
To Mexican drug lords to kill a Saudi diplomat
But the plot didn't go down that way,
Their calls were tapped by the DEA.

Hey, the NBA just shortened the season,
Some players said, "I'll be playing overseas then
You Cali teens who want to look like the Jersey Shore,
Can't tan in beds, (nah) that'll hurt you more.

But in Alabama, students have disappeared,
From schools, 'cause some now live in fear
They weren't born in the USA,
But should they get booted out? You debate.

And the Senate just voted down the jobs plan,
It's toast, though the country's in a hot jam.
Flocab makes it pop like a hot pan,
David Letterman better put us on your Top Ten!

Let's hear it for the ladies! The Nobel Prize committee selected three women's rights advocates to share this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the first female president in Africa when she won the Liberian presidential election in 2005, and the committee honored her work to lead Liberia out of a violent civil war. Leymah Gbowee led groups of female protesters against Liberian soldiers who preyed on women. And Tawakkul Karman began fighting for human rights and free speech in Yemen before and during Arab Spring. She has been called "The Spirit of the Yemeni Revolution" by her fellow protesters. What are some women's rights issues in your country? Learn more .

A sign showing the Muslim crescent and the Christian cross.

Christians are a minority in Egypt, and they had protested alongside Muslims last year in hopes of gaining a new democratic government that was more tolerant of their religion. But Egypt is facing renewed violence and tumult less than a year after violent protests forced President Hosni Mubarak out of office. As Islamists (radical Muslims) have gained power in the new regime, Christians are concerned that they may not gain the religious tolerance they were hoping for. This week, an attack on a church spurred protests. Thugs - most likely with backing from the military - attacked the protesters. Then a military truck crashed into the crowd. In all, it resulted in 24 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Would you protest in the street if you knew it was dangerous? Learn more .

President Obama presented a plan to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 2014. But Americans can't simply leave when the time is up. To prevent the Taliban from rising to power again, U.S. forces have been focusing on training the Afghan army to operate self-sufficiently, with the goal of creating a powerful 250,000 army of Afghan soldiers. But this training has been challenging and costly. Because many of the Afghan soldiers cannot read and write, U.S. soldiers need to use visual tools and translators to communicate. The U.S. has spent $27 billion training, and some say it will cost $6 billion to maintain the Afghan army each year. Do you think the U.S. troops will be able to successfully help the Afghans build a self-sufficient army? Learn more .

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

In 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to detonate a bomb on an airplane. He became known as the "Underwear Bomber," due to the location where he had hidden the bomb. Crew members were able to prevent him from setting off the bomb after a fellow passenger on the plane noticed smoke rising from his pants. This week, Abdulmutallab plead guilty and admitted to being a member of al Qaeda. People were surprised at his terrorist attempt, since he was well educated and a member of a wealthy Nigerian family. Why do you think a well-educated person would decide to commit an act of terrorism? Learn more.

An Iranian-American used-car salesman tries to hire assassins from a Mexican drug cartel to murder the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. And on the side, the Quds Force, a special unit of the Iran army, is going to send tons of opium from the Middle East to Mexico. Sounds like a Hollywood movie, right? Well, it's true. This week, the US Justice Department announced it had uncovered and prevented this wild plot from moving forward. The discovery of the plot has heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran. How long do you think it will take for this to be turned into a film? Would you go see it? Learn more .

Let's get back to this kind of square off.

Last week we reported that the dispute between NBA owners and players has the possibility to shorten the season. Well now it's official: the NBA has cancelled the first two weeks of the season, and the lockout is still on. If the players can't reach a contract agreement with owners, fans will have to wait even longer to see their favorite teams play. And while the players and owners are quibbling over salaries, the league has lost over $83 million in ticket sales from the 100 cancelled games. Derrick Williams, the No. 2 draft pick this year, said that he might consider playing overseas. Other players have already left. Do you think the players and owners will be able to agree before more games get cancelled? Learn more.

California says this is not a safe shade of face.

To combat the dangerous trend of year-round tans, California passed a law preventing kids under 18 from using tanning beds. Skin damage from tanning beds can cause melanoma, an often-fatal form of skin cancer. So if you want to get some color, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way--go outside. But don't forget your sunscreen! Some celebrities have been blamed for promoting tan chic. How could they use their fame to spread the word about safe skin care? Learn more.

Alabama recently passed a new law that will allow police to question anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant and jail them without bond if they can't prove their citizenship. Many consider this the toughest immigration law in the country. Schools are now required to check the immigration status of students, and as a result, over 2,000 children have stopped attending school. Parents are scared that they'll be deported if they send their kids to class. Do you think schools should protect students from the fray of an adult immigration battle? Learn more .

Speaker of the House John Boehner is not a fan of the jobs bill.

A few weeks ago, President Obama announced a $447 billion plan to create jobs and grow the economy. This week, Republicans in the Senate blocked the bill. They didn't like the cost. Now, President Obama has vowed to continue rallying support around the bill until it passes. Do you think that the new jobs bill should be enacted into law? Learn more.


Three women in Africa and the Middle East won what prize this week?
The Nobel Peace Prize
In what country were many Christians killed in a protest?
In what country is the U.S. working to build a local army?
How did the Nigerian "Underwear Bomber" plead in a trial this week?
According to the U.S., what country was behind an attempt to kill a Saudi diplomat?
What professional sports league has just shortened its season due to contract disputes?
What is now illegal for teens in California?
Using tanning beds
In what state have some students stopped attending school because of a new immigration law?
What plan did the Senate vote down this week?
President Obama's jobs plan
Who better put Flocab in his Top Ten?
David Letterman. See you next week!

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