October 15, 2010

Chilean Miners Rescued

It’s the Week in Rap coming live and uncut
And yo we give you the news with no delays
So can we start it off from the country of Chile
They rescued the miners
Hopefully soon we can put this behind us
Trapped there for nearly 70 days
These cats are incredibly brave
Word up
Now I dont know if ya’ll missed it
The moratorium on oil drilling’s been lifted
The deepwater in the gulf’s been restricted
But now we take risks that we’ll just have to live with
And in Atlanta, the first stem cell tests begins, it’s bananas
They’re treating patients with injuries of the spine
But some people think this isn’t part of our design
And up in Wall Street, execs are doing fine
They may have hit the highest pay rate of all-time
It’s kinda funny, many firms got helped
But on Main Street unemployment’s still felt
And this will never sound fun to me
Have you heard of the emergency in Hungary?
They had a big spill of toxic sludge
They built a dam trying to box it up
Well good luck
And in case ya wanna take a trip to Space
$200 Grand could guarantee you a place
on a flight with Virgin Galactic
Think of all the memories that you would come back with
Flocab ’bout to finish up that quick
There’s so much news but guaranteed, we can rap it.
How long were the Chilean miners underground?
Nearly 70 days
What body part is being treated with stem cells?
The spine
What spilled in Hungary?
Toxic sludge

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