October 22, 2010

Drug Bust in Mexico and Election Tensions

Get em up, yup, let’s go!
Flocab got news from all over the globe
Now I don’t know if you heard in Mexico
But they had the biggest pot bust
That we’ve ever known
And if you’ve had your TVs on
You may have noticed political ads have been strong
Left-wing, Right-wing they want to speak out
And a court case gave corporations the vow
To be protected by the first amendment
While in France the citizens are independent
They’ve been protesting against the pension
Reform that Sarkozy got ‘em on not to mention
Afghanistan has seen some dissension
A quarter of the vote was a fraud they’re guessing
It turns out that the ink that they used
To vote could wash off so
It could be abused
And Typhoon Megi’s on the loose
Heading towards China
Better find a place to move
If you’re anywhere close
And if you start to choke
The American Heart Association has got a quote
It went from A-B-C to C-A-B
Circulation, free up the airway and then ya breathe
And then you could have a Tea Party
The Express is rolling out with celebr /ities
They’ve got Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber
So many tour dates that I don’t even know the number
It might be why so many have changed sides
One-fourth from the Left went over to the Right
But a fourth from the Right went over to the Left
You can do the math who knows what’s next?
Flocabulary yo we never half step
Cause we catchin’ all the news
While we steady catch wreck.
What are French people protesting?
Pension reform
What does the American Heart Association's C-A-B stand for?
Circulation, Airway, Breathing
What drug saw its largest bust in Mexico?

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