October 26, 2012

Scientists Convicted & Energy Drink Danger

It’s the Week in Rap and since the weekend’s wrapped,
We should start it off by kicking only the facts.
It's a lot going on in the world right now,
Which means we got a lot of stuff to talk about.
First off the presidential debates finally ended.
Hopefully the candidates made it easy for you to pick which
One you want to support if you haven't yet.
Now there’s a big debate over horses and bayonets.
It’s serious in Syria right now,
They called for a holiday cease fire to put the guns down
Some agreed and others scoffed at best,
Meanwhile, the streets of Lebanon are filled with protest.
Wissam al-Hassan got killed by a car bomb

So civil unrest is of course what's next.
The price of college tuition rose again this year
And while not that much, we’d still say, “Save up.”
Lil Wayne cut the ribbon on the Trukstop skate park,
Gave back ‘cause New Orleans is dear to his heart.
Monster energy drink has got some trouble on its hands,
Five deaths may be related to what's inside the can.
That's crazy, right — but you know what's even odder?
Seven scientists convicted of manslaughter.
Why? Well the court said they failed to warn the public,
That an earthquake would hit Italy and kill 300.
Another group of scientists have concluded that puberty,
Is hitting boys earlier than ever before in history
Even two years earlier in some cases,
Let’s hope we don’t see toddlers with beards on their faces.
And in Texas the cheerleaders have something to cheer about,
Their banners not banned, ‘cause a judge bailed them out.
Yup, they can quote the scripture
Donwill repping Flocab, yeah, now you get the picture?

The final debate was the last chance for the candidates to face off
before the election.

The last of three presidential debates between incumbent President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney wrapped up Monday night. This time, the debate focused on foreign policy, and the candidates seemed to agree on many subjects. Unlike the previous debates, it is unclear who "won" this final round, though President Obama had a few zingers up his sleeve. At one point in the night, Obama told Romney, "The 1980s called, they're asking for their foreign policy back." Do you think these kind of lines are appropriate or helpful in a presidential debate? Learn more.

Syrian rebels

It has been over a year since Syria's gruesome civil war began. The conflict is between supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and rebels who want to overthrow him. As the UN urges for the nation to come to peace, the Syrian government and rebel groups are reportedly coming to a truce. However, violence is still rampant. The last cease fire in Syria was in April, and only lasted a few days. Why do you think past attempts at a cease fire were unsuccessful? Learn more.

A protestor in Lebanon

Syria's civil unrest has spilled into neighboring Lebanon after the death of Wissam al-Hassan. Hassan, a Lebanese senior intelligence official, was killed by a car bomb last Friday in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Seven others were also killed. Many of Hassan's supporters believe Syrian President Assad is behind the attack. Now there are violent clashes between rebels and Assad-loyalists in Lebanon as well. What should be done to promote peace in the countries neighboring Syria? Learn more.

Will tuition for public universities remain affordable?

The cost of college continues to rise, but luckily, there's a silver lining. According the a report by the College Board, the average cost of tuition at four year public universities went up 4.8% from last year, but it is less an increase than it's been in the past few years. The average net price for public universities this year is $2,910, which is up $290 from last year. It is hoped that tuition rates will eventually level off, as colleges and universities are supposedly attempting to keep tuition affordable. Would you prefer a college that has cut back on its programs and services for a lower tuition? Learn more.

Lil Wayne

Rapper and New Orleans native Lil Wayne gave back to his community this week, officially opening the Trukstop skate park. The Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans was decimated by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Weezy partnered with Mountain Dew to build a skate park for kids at the Lower 9th Ward's community center. "The honest truth is," he said, "all I want to do is get them off the streets." What would you do to give back to your community? Learn more.

Energy drinks should be used with caution, say doctors.

Energy drinks might be a popular way to get that extra boost, but the added caffeine might be bad for your health. The Food and Drug Administration is investigating five deaths that could be linked to Monster Energy Drink. A 14 year-old girl died last week of cardiac arrhythmia after drinking two 24 oz. Monster drinks in 24 hours. The medical examiner said her heart failed due to caffeine toxicity. There is no FDA-imposed limit on caffeine in energy drinks, although the amount of caffeine in soda is capped to 0.02%. A study by Consumer Reports magazine reported that many energy drinks had an average of 20% more caffeine per serving than is listed on the can. Should the FDA monitor energy drinks more carefully? Learn more.

President Obama surveying the damage in L'Aquila in 2009

In April of 2009, 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the town of L'Aquila, Italy. 308 people were killed. Now seven seismic experts have been convicted of manslaughter. According to an Italian court, the experts failed to give residents enough warning, as there were several tremors before the quake hit. The seven convicted may spend six years in prison, since they had not expected an earthquake of such magnitude. Scientists around the world are against the ruling, as they believe it is a major misunderstanding of the science of predicting earthquakes. According to geologist Brooks Hanson of the American Association for the Achievement of Science, Italy regularly experiences seismic activity. Most tremors are not dangerous. If seismologists were required to warn of an earthquake at every tremor, says Hanson, it would result in false alarms and panic. Should scientists be held accountable for natural disasters? Learn more.

Beard pride

Boys usually hit puberty later than girls, around the age of 11. But pediatricians now say boys are experiencing puberty around six months to two years earlier than was typical only a couple decades ago. According to doctors, male puberty occurs at an average age of 10.14 years among non-Hispanic whites, 10.4 years among Hispanics, and 9.14 years among African Americans. Previous studies have shown that girls are hitting puberty sooner than they used to as well. Why do you think this is happening? Learn more.

Banners can have scripture, says Texas judge.

Is a high school football game the place for Bible verses? One Texas school said no. They banned their cheerleaders from writing scripture on run-through banners, the large paper signs football players run through as they enter the field before a game. A judge, however, said they should be allowed to use the signs. According to the judge, the school violated a state law that requires districts to allow expression of religious views. Since the cheerleaders used their own money to purchase the materials to make the banners, it is technically not government-sanctioned speech, and does not violate a separation of church and state. Should scripture be allowed at school events? Learn more.
True or False: Obama and Romney have one debate left before the election.
What might halt the violence in Syria?
A cease fire
A car bomb killed an official in what country?
What is different about college tuition this year?
The price hasn't increased as dramatically as it did in previous years.
Lil Wayne opened a skate park in what state?
How many deaths might be linked to Monster Energy Drinks?
A group of earthquake experts in Italy were convicted of what?
What is happening to boys earlier than usual?
A judge ruled that cheerleaders have the right to do what?
Put Biblical verses on banners
OK, time for the BONUS Round...
To answer these questions, you'll need to read the infoboxes.
What ingredient in energy drinks can cause heart failure?
In what town were over 300 people killed in an earthquake?
The average cost of tuition went up by how many percent from last year?

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