October 29, 2010

Natural Disasters and Bullying

Week in Rap, pass the mic and pick a beat,
We make ‘em scream on Halloween, trick or treat,
No costume, I’ll pick one later,
But my dogs are going as Superman and Darth Vader,
This week, mother nature’s no one to mess with,
Tornadoes and storms in the Midwest and Texas,
Volcanoes and tsunamis in Indonesia,
The land shook like it had a seizure.

With so many species in the land and the sea,
It’s kind hard knowing soon that that will not be,
One-fifth of vertebrates are threatened,
They’re close… to… the… edge… get the Message?
Iran's giving Afghanistan plenty of cash,
Bags of greenbacks, and our president’s mad,
And now Iran ‘s using nuclear energy,
Will we be friendly, B? Or will they be our enemy?

The wiki-wiki leaks leaked military secrets,
Now the military’s really freaked, kid believe it,
You want to know about one guy at Guantanamo?
Some called him a child soldier, now he’s older,
He copped a plea, but he’s not free, why?
He pleaded G-U-I-L-T-Y,
And there’s no love in the time of cholera in Haiti,
300 died all over, that’s crazy.

Nearly half of students have been bullied and teased,
Now the feds want to give kids the help that they need,
Bullies are losers thinking they’re supposed to be cool,
It gets better like Obama said, it’s totally true,
You bullies are weak, yeah that has to be,
Trick or treat! Come to Brooklyn and ask for me,
We dress nice and talk slick like Dracula,
The Week in Rap Halloween spooktacular!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha!
What leaked military secrets?
What disease is spreading in Haiti?

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