October 8, 2010

Terror Threats and Free Speech

This is
Flocab, so go grab your cameras,
We kick it for the students and the teachers and the janitors,
The Week in Rap – yes, time to go again,
We sweep up the week like custodians. Let’s go!
Back in May, a man put a bomb in Times Square,
It didn’t explode, that would have been a nightmare,
This week, the man who planted it right there,
Got life in prison, so he’s headed to jail.
Our government said, “Watch out, watch out,”
If you travel to Europe, there may be a terror risk,
And then France said, “Watch out, watch out”
They arrested 12 alleged terrorists.
And watch out, if your laptop is lap… top,
You don’t want to get burned when that Mac’s hot,
And watch out for the sludge in Hungary,
It’s oozing like toxic honey from a bumblebee,
In LA, the paper gave each teacher a grade,
Some said, “No way,” others like “OK,”
Plus lots of teachers spend their own cash,
On school supplies, from notebooks to Flocab.
Scientists studying the seas were counting
Aquatic species, they listed 200,000,
The oceans are full of life like the canopy,
Clams, mussels, sharks, turtles, dolphins and manatees.
The Supreme Court is knee-deep in free speech,
Protestors at a funeral, they caused grief,
Will the justices limit hateful speech,
Or leave the door open? We’ll wait and see.
Columbus gets a holiday, what about Amerigo Vespucci?
I guess we’ll never know, “Ummm… who’s he?”
Look him up, and we’ll be back guaranteed,
Making waves like explorers on the seas,
It’s the Week in Rap!
What could burn your lap if it malfunctioned?
A laptop
What did a newspaper give to teachers in L.A.?
What is the Supreme Court deciding on?
Whether free speech allows people to protest at funerals

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