September 10, 2010

Review Summer 2010

Listen up to the sound of the drummer,
Flocab came back to recap the summer,
I hope you had a good vacation,
Here’s what’s been goin on all over the nation.
First off in the wide world of sports,
Once again the Lakers came to dominate the courts,
The World Cup kept everybody up,
Spain beat the Netherlands but it was really tough, yup,
Now moving on to politics,
The state of Arizona passed a law but had to call it quits,
It gave officials the ability to question,
Anybody’s immigration status and arrest them,
But the government filed suit,
Saying it was more a Federal issue,
And while we’re on the topic of the law,
Elena Kagan was the 4th woman we saw,
To hold down the fort on the Supreme Court,
With no experience as a judge before,
Blagojevich caught a conviction,
For making false statements, he may face prison,
Listen – in case you ain’t heard it’s official,
General Patreaus replaced McChrystal,
He had an interview in the Rolling Stone,
and said things the military won’t condone,
And on the International tip in Russia,
They had a heat wave that really put on the pressure,
They even had to halt the export of grains,
The people were goin hungry and hoping for a change,
Not to mention that we just caught spies,
10 Russians in the US were in disguise,
But this time, we got to make a swap,
For four Russians working for us who got caught,
That’s how it goes when the tables flip,
Like the Jet Blue Flight attendant did,
Apparently a passenger was being rude,
So he quit and slid through the emergency chute,
Now, we could talk about Obama,
Who brought a 26 billion dollar bill on us,
It’s supposed to help out the state,
So teachers and government workers can get paid,
Ayy – another oil rig exploded,
Aint no telling what up with the Gulf of Mexico, kid,
If you ain’t noticed,
It’s the Week in Rap,
bringin ya’ll to the fall,
The Summer recap.
Who won the World Cup of soccer?
Which woman was elected to the Supreme Court?
Elena Kagan
What magazine did General Petraeus tell secrets to—and then get fired?
Rolling Stone

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