September 14, 2012

Chicago Teachers Strike & Tragedy in Libya

Welcome to the middle of the month,
Flocab's coming at ya with a little bit of funk.
First up let's take a trip to the Chi,
Teachers on strike for the first time in awhile.
They all walked out and they won’t come back,
Till they get hooked up with a new contract.
Tuesday was Patriot Day - 9/11,
So many that we lost and we will not forget them.
They've even got a health program for the victims,
To cover them from cancer and any other sickness.
This just in, did you hear about the book
From a Navy SEAL that gave us an up-close look
Of the mission to capture Osama bin Laden
But it differs from the official account of how they got him.
But how about the bus monitor who got bullied,
For reasons that we will never understand fully.
But people all over the world gave respect,
And they raised her a seven hundred thousand dollar check.
Next out in Libya there was an attack,
On the US consulate and in fact,
An ambassador was killed,

The first dying in the line of duty since 1979.
In South Africa they're having trouble at the mines,
Over 41,000 on strike
trying to find
A way to get a raise, but it's been so many days
That somebody's gotta give and something's gotta change.
Apple as usual is doing big things.
The iPhone 5's just dropped and they're saying
That its sales could boost the whole US economy.
Not too bad for a phone, but now we gotta be
Headed to the exit. You know how we do.
That's another Week in Rap from the Flocab crew.

Teachers striking in Chicago

‬Teachers in Chicago are striking for the first time in a quarter century. The Chicago Teachers Union and the school district have been unable to negotiate a deal. They disagree about a new contract that would give teachers more job security and a better teacher evaluation system. With the election quickly approaching, this conflict makes many politicians nervous about being forced to take a position that might alienate voters. ‪ ‬‬Do you think the teachers should be striking for a better contract?
Learn more.

Many workers from September 11 are experiencing health problems.

‬This Tuesday marked eleven years since the terrorist attacks on September 11. And many survivors, firefighters, police officers and cleanup workers who were at Ground Zero have developed serious health problems as a result of the dust, smoke and fumes from the attacks. The World Trade Center Health Program provides healthcare to survivors experiencing these effects. This week, the U.S. government announced that 50 cancers will be added to the list of sicknesses covered by this health program. ‪ ‬‬Do you think enough is being done to support the survivors of 9/11?
Learn more.

Navy SEALs in training

‬Former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette was part of the team that killed Osama bin Laden. He wrote and published No Easy Day , a firsthand account of that mission. Some say the book is controversial because it differs from the U.S. government's official story. Bissonnette published the book under the fake name Mark Owen, but the press later released his real name. ‪ ‬Do you think Bissonnette should have published the book? ‬Do you think the press should have released his real name?
Learn more.

Where it all went down.

‬Bus monitor Karen Klein was cruelly bullied by four 7th grade boys, and the footage was posted on YouTube. The video quickly went viral, provoking sympathy and outrage from many viewers. One person who wanted to help Klein set up a website for people to donate online. He expected to raise $5,000 to send her on vacation. Instead, people from 80 countries helped to raise $700,000 - enough to allow her to retire. ‪ ‬What would you do if you saw an adult being bullied by your classmates?
Learn more.

American Ambassador Chris Stevens

‬Hundreds of angry protesters stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. American Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack. The attack is believed to be a response to an anti-Islam film that offended many Muslims. And because of the timing of the terrorist attack, the U.S. is investigating whether this was a planned for the anniversary of September 11. ‪ Why do you think an anti-Islam film stirred some people to violence?
Learn more.

A mine in South Africa

‬This is the fourth week that South African miners have been on strike for better pay. The miners are asking for 12,500 rand, or $1560, in monthly pay -- that's double what they currently make. According to the miners, they are having trouble supporting their families with their current pay. The mining industry is a significant part of Africa's economy. ‪ ‬‬Do you think the miners deserve better pay?
Learn more.

The iPhone 5

‬Many Apple fans have eagerly awaited the announcement of the new iPhone 5. On Tuesday, Apple announced that the new phone will be taller, thinner and faster than the previous model. The iPhone 5 will be released on September 21. And some say that sales of this new phone could help boost the U.S. economy. ‪ ‬Why do you think people with functioning phones buy new ones?
Learn more.
Where are teachers striking?
What is 9/11 now known as?
Patriot Day
Why is the Navy SEAL's book controversial?
His story is different from the official account from the government.
What did the bus monitor receive?
A $700,000 check
Where was the attack on a U.S. consolate?
How many miners are on strike in South Africa?
What new product did Apple announce?
The iPhone 5
Headed to the exit, you know how we do...
That's another Week in Rap from the Flocab crew.

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