September 16, 2011

Remembering 9/11 & Science News

Sometimes I swear I'm sad to get the news,
Right now I'm standing here, gazing in reflecting pools,
Thinking about the people who were on the job,
When the planes hit they didn't have a hint at all,
And firefighters who rushed in,
And were crushed when the buildings fell to dust.
And ten years later, buildings scrape the sky,
And people trace names, and say goodbye.

But now we're facing more poverty,
It's the most we've seen since 1993.
We need to turn this thing around: Michael Vick,
But a recession could be headed for a double dip.
Yeah, Obama has a jobs plan,
To modernize schools
, and build up the land,
But the GOP, they don't like the trend,
They say the size of government is getting out of hand.

Texas droughts are severe, no joke see,
They fought wildfires just like Smokey.
Remember the gulf oil spill? It was big,
All that pollution, bubbling up a rig.
A new report, well looks at the damages,
And in part, it blames poor management.
The hikers in Iran who had been detained,
For two years, could they finally get on a plane?

And astronomers, they found a planet,
That has the right temp for us to inhabit
So if we destroy the Earth today,
This planet's just 200 trillion miles away.
Oceans are warming, and there's no cheering the
Fact that they now contain more more bacteria,
Michelle Obama spent some time,
Honoring students who had the best designs,
For architecture, fonts, fashions, and uh,
In a veranda you can rock a verdana bandana.

Flocab, little piece of advice,
Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the prize,
Let's go!

Ten years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans joined together to remember the people killed on that day. Family members of victims congregated at the memorial reflecting pools that rest in downtown New York City, where the Twin Towers once stood. People all around the country held memorial services as well. How did you commemorate the attacks of September 11th? Learn more .

The two memorial pools at the site of the World Trade Center are surrounded by the engraved names of all 2,983 people slain in the attacks. It seems like the names are randomly arranged, but the truth is more complex. In a moving use of technology, scientists built an algorithm to arrange the names in groups, so that people who knew each other in life could be engraved close together. And as a result, families who knew each other could remember their loved ones together. Can you think of other ways that science can help create emotional moments? Learn more .

According to the 2010 Census, the United States' poverty rate has reached 15.1 percent. That is the highest poverty level in the country since 1993. And it means that 46.2 million Americans are now living in poverty. Have you observed the effects of the rising poverty rate? Learn more .

Michael Vick is the current quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2007 he was suspended by the NFL and sent to prison for his involvement with dog fighting. Many people thought his career was over. But Vick made a dramatic comeback last year, having improved on and off the field. He now works with the Humane Society to end dog fighting, and has become one of the most talented QBs in the league. How willing are you to forgive someone who has committed a crime? Learn more .

A "double dip" recession is a funny name for a very un-funny idea. It's a term for when the economy declines, seems to recover for awhile, but then begins to dip down again into failure. Thus the double dip. Economists are now saying that our economy might be headed into a recession again. Do you think we're headed for a double dip recession? Learn more .

President Obama announced a $447 billion proposal to stimulate the economy and create jobs. The plan includes provisions to employ more construction workers to modernize American schools. But now the plan needs to get approved by Congress, where Republicans are already balking at the price tag. The President is touring the country to promote his plan. What additions would you like to add to your school to help modernize it? Learn more .

After an intense season of drought, wildfires are blazing out of control through the state of Texas. Over 1000 homes have been lost, and firefighters are saying these are some of the worst fires they've ever battled. What can you do to help people affected by wildfires? Learn more .

Smokey Bear has been fighting wildfires since 1944.
Learn more.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year was the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. History. Now that the enormous clean up is largely finished, officials are trying to figure out what went wrong to prevent another similar disaster. A new federal report says that BP's management team made a series of bad decisions that contributed to the oil rig explosion. Do you think the BP oil disaster should influence the United States' decision to continue drilling for oil? Learn more .

Two years ago, Iran arrested three American hikers for illegally crossing into the country. One hiker was already released, and hopes were high this week that the other two would soon be freed. After Iranian President Ahmadinejad told the press that the hikers would soon be free, the courts in his country said that hikers would stay in prison. What do you think other countries can do to help free these young people? Learn more .

European Astronomers discovered a planet about 200 trillion miles away that could possibly be habitable to humans. The temperatures on the planet range from 85 to 120 degrees. Scientists call planets like these "Goldilocks planets." Why do you think scientists give habitable planets that name? Learn more .

As a result of global warming, oceans are getting hotter. And warmer oceans are a more comfortable living space for the Vibrio genus of bacteria, which can cause all sorts of stomach-related unpleasantries. And it isn't just a matter of avoiding swallowing sea water; fish and other seafood could become contaminated. How can humans work to stop global warming? Learn more .

Famously stylish First Lady Michelle Obama invited 15 high school students to the White House as she honored the winners of the National Design Awards. One award-winner was font designer Matthew Carter, who created the fonts Verdana and Georgia. He said he always starts by designing the letters "h," "o," and "p." If you could design a font what would it look like? Learn more .

What now stands in the footprints of the old World Trade Center towers?
Reflecting pools
What has reached its highest level in the United States since 1993?
What is the strange name for the type of recession the United States may currently be experiencing?
Double dip
What does President Obama want to modernize as a part of his new jobs plan?
What has been spreading in Texas because of the terrible drought?
According to a new report, what contributed to the BP oil spill disaster?
Poor management
How long have the arrested American hikers in Iran been detained?
Two years
What did astronomers discover 200 trillion miles away?
A habitable planet
What is growing in oceans as a result of global warming?
Who did Michelle Obama honor at the White House?
Top designers
What is Flocab's little piece of advice?
Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the prize.
See you next week !

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