September 17, 2010

Tea Party and Lady Gaga

Flocab, yes we’re back!
bringing you another year’s worth of Weeks in Rap,
Best Week in Rapper Ever, yeah you know me,
I’m not Reggie Bush, I won’t return my trophy,
What happened? Well let’s see,
The primaries were good for the Tea Party,
Is it the new face of the G Old P?
In Delaware, the people there said, “Ah oui, oui!

Want to hear something that’s amazingly sweet?
The hiker in Iran, she got released!
Sheesh! It’s only been 14 months,
But they’re still holding two, so the job’s not done,
In Cali, schools got sued,
By the ACLU, for making the youth
Buy their own school supplies and books,
Yeah, this economy’s as bad as it looks,

What else happened? Let’s see, oh well…
A judge said no to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,”
Will gay soldiers step out the closet?
It’s seems likely, but not yet.
In America! 1 in 7 people are poor, 1 in 5 can’t find us up on a map,
Is there logic to that?
If you wanna get paid, improve your grades, hope you copying that,

You can get an “Easy A” like Emma Stone,
Listen to the President: your future is your own,
So win like Lady Gaga at the VMA’s,
And then show the “Paparazzi” your “Poker Face,”
It feels good to be back,
In the lab, mixing down another Week in Rap,
Shout out to Mark Allen and the rest of the fans,
Flocab – wait a week, and we’ll be back again.
You know!
Who got released?
A hiker in Iran
Why were schools sued by the ACLU?
For making kids buy their own school supplies and books
What percentage of people can't find the United States on a map?
20% (1 out of 5)

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