September 21, 2012

A Baby Panda in D.C. & Back to School in Chicago

On the 21st of September,
Flocab’s about to take it back.
Now do you remember,
How the teachers in Chicago had been on strike?
Well they went back after hearing news that they liked,
A contract settlement and now it seems better in the Chi
And up next how bout we take a ride
To The Smithsonian - The National Zoo.
There’s some important news that we have to pursue.
Our giant panda bear finally had a cub,
After years of attempts she’s got a baby to love.
Apparently just good grades aren’t enough,
Colleges are looking at social media stuff.
Do you think your Facebook should affect
Whether or not a university will accept?
The threat of violence still seems to spread
From the anti-Islam film, so as we head
To Asia and the Muslim countries worldwide,
Many have been hurt and at least ten have died
America, they’re telling us there’s nowhere to hide,
From the obesity so we need to decide,
If we’re gonna get healthy cause we gotta to lose weight
And avoid chemicals like BPA.

Oh - China and Japan, they’re still wildin’.
They’ve been fighting over a chain of islands.
There have been protests and yes it escalated,
To ships on patrol in the water while they waited.
We went to Texas - at John Jay High,
Where they use a tracking chip so they can keep an eye
On the students
- do you think it’s cool for them to see,
Wherever you’re at with an RFID?
It’s Flocabulary in the place to be,
That’s your news-packed Week in R-A-P.

The teacher strike in Chicago ended after nearly 2 weeks.

On Tuesday, the Chicago Teachers Union voted to end the strike that began on September 10. Students were out of school for over a week as the teachers negotiated with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The specifics of the new contract are not yet set in stone, but the teachers and the city have agreed that many things are going to change, including teacher pay and evaluations. Would you ever consider striking as a student?
Learn more.

A panda and her adorable cub

Mei Xiang, the giant panda at the National Zoo, gave birth to a baby panda on Sunday. Zookeepers are waiting 100 days to name the panda cub, as is Chinese tradition. The cub's birth came as a surprise to the zookeepers because it follows many failed attempts to impregnate Mei. The birth opens possibilities for scientists to do new research on the giant pandas, which are an endangered species. What do you think the baby panda should be named?
Learn more.

Some applicants may not make it into school because of their social media profiles.

In a recent survey, colleges admitted that they often check social networking sites as part of the application process. Ten percent of surveyed admissions officers admit to looking at applicants' online profiles. Some teens now worry that they may be judged unfairly for their personal lives, rather than as students. Other students are making sure their profiles are hidden from those they don't know. Do you think colleges should take students' online profiles into account?
Learn more.

A protest in Tunisia

Anti-American protests continue throughout the Middle East after an American video insulting Islam spread online. Last week, protests began in Libya, and they have been spreading ever since. This has led to violence in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, and more. Though the video represented the views of its creator and not of America as a whole, many protesters want America to ban speech that insults their religion. It's a question of what is more important: the right to freedom of speech or the right to not have your religion mocked? What do you think is more important: protecting the feelings of various groups or freedom of speech?
Learn more.

A french fry pizza

Advocacy group Trust for America's Health predicts that more than 67% of residents in 39 states will be obese by 2030. Presently, about two-thirds of the American population is obese. Obesity rates have been steadily climbing the past several years. To make matters worse, studies now show a link between BPA and obesity in children and teens. BPA is a chemical found in the lining of metal and plastic containers. What do you think can be done to avoid this prediction of obesity becoming a reality?
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Protesters in China.

Japan's purchase of the uninhabited islands in the East China Sea has sparked mass protests in China. More than 60,000 people have protested in at least 28 cities. For decades, China and Japan have feuded over the ownership of these islands. China has urged the US to stay out of it, but Japan is a close American ally. Do you think America should be involved in the dispute?
Learn more .

A radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip

Students at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, will soon be required to wear a lanyard with their ID cards. These ID cards have a microchip and will transmit the student's location to school officials. The school district hopes it will increase student attendance. Some students feel this is an invasion of their privacy. Would you be comfortable with your school tracking your location?
Learn more.
True or False - Chicago teachers are still on strike.
What happened at the national zoo?
A baby panda was born.
Who is sometimes looking at the Facebook profiles of high school seniors
College admissions officers
What is causing unrest in Muslim countries?
An anti-Islam film
The chemical BPA has been linked to rising rates of what?
What are China and Japan fighting over?
A chain of islands
What is a Texas high school doing that has some students upset?
Tracking their location with microchips

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