September 24, 2010

Equinox and Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Ya’ll know who it is bangin out your speakerbox
Flocab hit you in the week of the equinox
Now that we’ve made it into fall
Lemme go ahead and drop the news for ya’ll
Come on, you may of heard the “Don’t ask, don’t tell
Policy within the military personnel
Well, it was nearly repealed
I mean that it seemed that its fate was sealed
Until the Senate said “No” on a vote that proposed
For some military changes and speaking of those
I suppose most of ya’ll have heard of the “Dream Act”
Giving citizenship to immigrants if they need that
I mean to be exact it’s for their kids
To serve in the military if they wanna enlist
And here’s an issue that should get examined
They’re talkin’ about genetically engineered salmon
The FDA is about to decide
If they can sell animals that have been modified
Right – and here’s some news for everybody out in Newark
It’s a major donation let me get right to it
The kid who started Facebook gave $100 million
To the schools in Newark to benefit the children
And here’s some news that is not so good
If Bermuda is the place you stay, your neighborhood
They got hit by Hurricane Igor
And saw some destruction on the seashore
And BP said the well got closed
And won’t be a threat to the Florida coast
So we about to go but before we break out
Central in Texas hit us to give a shout
To our homeboy Habram Rosario
Battling leukemia and still got far to go
Give us attention and you know we’ll give it back
The Week in Rap from Flocabulary on the track.
What was repealed?
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
To what school district did Mark Zuckerberg give a major donation?
What hurricane hit Bermuda?

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