September 28, 2012

More Riots & Shrinking Arctic Ice

It’s another Fry-day like hot oil,
Thanks to the fans who stay loyal.
At the UN this week, Obama spoke,
Said free speech is no joke
That he’d fight for the right of people to write and speak,
Even words that might not be sweet.
In Spain and Greece, people in the street,
To protest all the austerity
If you throw a party and invite on Facebook,
Better make sure the settings are private.
An invite went viral, way out of hand,
And riots went down in the Netherlands.
You like viruses? To keep it simple,
They found viruses that could stop your pimples.
That sounds weird,
But just a little bit of it and you’ll be in the clear.
You like new school lunches?
Salads and bananas by the bunches
Some love it, others complain,
More healthy options are here to stay.
Oh hey, what do you think about classes,
Only for lads, or only for the lasses
Some say single-sex education is cool,
Others think it shouldn’t be in schools.
Arctic ice is at a record low,
Half the size it was 30 years ago. Woah.
The NFL is so nutty,
With the real refs on a strike over money.
Their replacements make blunders
Some fans would rather have Stevie Wonder.
You don’t need to see to drive,
Google’s got driverless cars, that’s wild.
In Cali, you can ghost ride, you hear?
They’ll be fully automated in a few years.
At the Emmys, Mandy Patinkin, holla!
Week in Rap you can bump in your Impala.

President Obama addresses the UN General Assembly

It has been a tense year in the Middle East. An anti-Islamic video sparked outrage and protests and resulted in the death of a U.S. ambassador in Libya. Syria is still in a civil war, and the threat of a nuclear Iran has many nervous. At the UN General Assembly, Barack Obama urged world leaders to unite against extremism and intolerance while still protecting world peace and freedom of speech. “The events of the last two weeks speak to the need for all of us to address honestly the tensions between the West and the Arab world that is moving towards democracy." Do you think free speech should be protected even if it is offensive? Learn more.

Protesters in Spain

Protests continue to fill the news headlines as protests become violent in Greece and Spain. Voters in both countries are angered by austerity measures. The word austerity can mean sternness or severity, but it can also refer to difficult economic conditions created when governments reduce spending and cut back on programs. Greece and Spain's governments are trying to avoid bankruptcy with budget cuts, which means layoffs, lower wages and fewer benefits for workers. Do you think rioting is acceptable behavior when you disagree with the government? Learn more.

Dutch riot police

Always check those sharing preferences on Facebook. A 16 year-old Dutch girl wanted to throw a small party for her friends. She used Facebook, but made the invitation viewable to the public. The invite went viral, and thousands of wannabe-partiers swarmed the teenager's hometown of Haren, Netherlands. Riot police were called in to deal with the unruly crowd. Some of the rioters were reportedly violent, and 34 were arrested for public order offenses. Do you think it's okay to share information publicly on Facebook? Learn more.

Acne treatment may soon involve viruses

When was the last time you wanted a virus? Scientists have discovered that a harmless virus could be used to fight acne-causing bacteria on the skin. As acne affects 40-50 million Americans, this could be a medical breakthrough. Scientists hope to develop the viruses into a topical treatment to combat and prevent acne. Would you put a virus on your face for clearer skin? Learn more.


Say goodbye to chicken nuggets and tater tots: school lunches have gotten healthier due to new federal standards. Fatty foods have been replaced with vegetables, fruit and whole grains, and the calorie counts on school lunch menus have been capped. Student reaction is predictably mixed. Some students are happy to see healthier options for lunch, while picky eaters are complaining. Other students, like athletes, are saying that the lunches are not filling enough. What's your favorite and least favorite part of the new school lunches? Learn more.

Some critics think single-sex education is old fashioned.

What if your school decided to split subjects into all-boy and all-girl classes? In the past decade, some public schools have created single-sex classes based on a theory that students learn better that way. Supporters say these types of classes will help teachers meet the different educational needs of male and female learners. However, some critics such as the American Civil Liberties Union argue that it violates the Constitution because single-sex classes provide unequal education. Research on the effectiveness of single-sex classes is limited. Do you think classes should be split by gender? Learn more.

A NASA satellite image of the shrinking Arctic ice

Arctic ice this summer has shrunk to an all-time low, further evidence of widespread climate change. Diminishing sea ice means higher temperatures around the world. Reflecting more than 90 percent of the sun's heat off the Earth, sea ice acts like a natural air conditioner. However, when it melts it is replaced by dark ocean, and absorbs more than half of the sun's heat. Do you think enough is being done about climate change? Learn more.

The Seattle Seahawk's stadium, where Monday night's game was played

This season, NFL referees went on strike, looking for better contracts. The NFL decided to replace the refs with officials from college football, believing they'd do a fine job. Three weeks later, after dozens of bad calls—including one that ended a game on Monday night— the NFL has caved in. They've reached a tentative agreement with the refs to end a lockout that started in June. How hard do you think it is to be an NFL ref? Learn more.

He may be in the driver's seat, but the car is driving for him.

California governor Jerry Brown signed a law allowing self-driving cars onto public roads. Since 2010, Google has been developing self-driving cars, and the new technology is expected to debut sometime next year. A self-driving car could be a game changer in many ways: providing transport to the blind, reducing the amount of drunk drivers on the road and cutting down on traffic. Would you feel safe in a driverless car? Learn more.

An Emmy award

The 64th annual Emmy's were held on Sunday and hosted by JImmy Kimmel. Winners included shows such as “Veep,” “Breaking Bad” and “Homeland.” Claire Danes, who won best actress for her “Homeland” role, gave a shout out to her co-star Mandy Patinkin. Were there any shows or actors that you think should have won an award? Learn more.
Who spoke at the U.N. this week?
President Obama
What were Greek and Spanish protesters protesting?
Their governments' austerity measures
Why was there a riot in a Dutch town?
A public Facebook invite went viral.
What have scientists discovered fights pimples?
Certain viruses
What has happened to school lunches?
They've gotten healthier.
What kind of classes might be unconstitutional?
Single-sex classes
In what state will driverless cars soon be on the road?
What awards show was this week?
The Emmy's

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