September 30, 2011

No Child Left Behind & Affirmative Action

It's September 30th,
Flocab holds info with a sturdy grip,
We never drop batons at track meets,
We're handing off the news we caught from the past week.
In Georgia, we have the death penalty,
But not everybody agrees, yo, well can it be?
Some support it, others think it's the enemy,
It can be difficult to talk about, generally.

And on a lighter note, Obama gave a speech,
Saying to keep your goal of education in reach.
And if you need something to eat,
Students at UC Berkley got what you need,
They had a bake sale, yeah it was racist,
To say affirmative action is out of place,
If you want to learn how to make a state,
Just watch the Palestinians - they're trying to create it.
OK. Well, who knows what's next?
But if they reach peace that'll be a success.

Let's take it back home, what's going on?
Soon, your local Post Office may be gone,
You see all the workers have been throwing rallies,
All over the country from DC to Cali.
But what's on your mind?
Do you find in school there's no child left behind?
Maybe not, so now there's an option,
Of whether or not that's something to take stock in.

The Washington Monument got hurt,
From the earthquake that came so now we go to work,
Five hundred fifty-five feet worth of stone,
Checking for cracks and if there's anything wrong,
Louisiana's got it going on,
In the AP Poll - LSU is looking strong.
It's Flocab with another rap song,
Thank you for tuning in and we're gone.

Supporters of Troy Davis in Paris, 2008

Georgia is one of 35 states in the US where convicted criminals can be put to death for their crimes. Last week, the state executed Troy Davis after the Supreme Court refused to grant him a stay. Davis was convicted of fatally shooting a police officer in 1989. Since then, several witnesses have recanted - taken back - their testimony, saying they were influenced by the police to testify against Davis. The family of the dead police officer, however, said they wanted the closure that Davis' execution could bring. Do you believe the death penalty should exist in your state? Learn more.

As he has done each year since entering office, President Obama delivered a back-to-school speech for the nation's students. He urged students not only to work hard to get A's, but to "take some risks once in a while" and "color outside the lines every now and then." While most educators approved of the speech and its message, some Republicans don't think it's appropriate for the President to be speaking to the nation's students. What did you think of the president's speech? Watch the speech .

You don't often see the words "racist" and "cupcake" in the same sentence, but that changed this week. Some young Republicans disliked a bill in California that would allow universities to consider race or nationality when admitting students. To protest this policy (known as affirmative action), they held a purposefully "racist" bake sale. The price of a cupcake depended on what race the customer was. Opponents of affirmative action say that it's unfair and unnecessary. Supporters say that it's necessary to repair the oppressive policies of the not-so-distant past. Do you think universities should be able to consider race when deciding who to admit? Learn more .

Abbas meets with Obama in the White House in 2009

Ever since its founding in 1948, Israel has had a troubled relationship with its neighbors. The issue comes down to land. Who gets to live on it? Palestinians and Israelis both claim parts of the land as their own, and both want Jerusalem to be their capital. So far, Israel has been the one making the rules. But Palestinians are now asking the United Nations to recognize them as a country. This move will most likely be blocked by the United States, which wants Israelis and Palestinians to come to an agreement before a Palestinian state is created. Why do you think Israel and America are such close allies? Learn more.

Mr. McFeely isn't feeling so good. The United States Postal Service has been losing money as fewer people send letters and fewer companies send business mail. The postal service is thinking about layoffs and stopping Saturday delivery, but postal workers and citizens are protesting these moves with rallies across the country. How often do you think the mail should be delivered? Learn more.

The No Child Left Behind law has been controversial ever since President George W. Bush signed it in 2001. The law expanded the role of the federal government in education, by essentially telling the states that their own reading and math standards weren't good enough. It also required them to test students more. Now Obama wants to give more power back to the states. Do you think tests are the best way to measure knowledge and skills? Learn more .

If Batman were an engineer, this is what he'd be up to. To inspect the damage from last month's earthquake, engineers rappelled down the Washington Monument Wednesday. The team of two women and two men will be climbing up and down the outside of the monument several times in the next days. The obelisk was completed in 1884 in honor of the first president and heroic general of the American Revolution. Are you be brave enough to rappel down the 555-foot-tall monument? Learn more.

This week in sports: LSU became the #1 ranked college football team according to AP polls after beating some tough competition on the road. And the Boston Red Sox completed one of the biggest collapses in sports history to lose the wild card race to the Tampa Bay Rays. How much do you think mental strength contributes to winning in sports? Learn more about LSU . Read about the Red Sox collapse .

What state recently executed a man despite some public protest?
Obama gave a speech this week specifically for whom?
What did some students organize at UC Berkeley to protest affirmative action?
A racist bake sale
What group of people officially submitted a request for statehood at the UN this week?
What national organization is going to close many of its local branches?
The United States Postal Service
What's the name of the education law that Obama is changing?
No Child Left Behind
What did engineers rappel down to check for damage after the earthquake?
The Washington Monument
What college football team is currently voted #1?
Louisiana State University (LSU)
What does Flocab never drop at track meets?
Batons. See y'all next week!

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