The 2012 Summer Recap

The 2012 Summer Recap

It’s photo album time, time to look back,
At the summer news, this is the summer recap.
In Afghanistan the summer was lethal,
Both for soldiers and civilian people.
It looks like Civil War in Syria,
With refugees fleeing bombs and hysteria.
I need a break, but can’t get it back home,
'Cause a Sikh temple got shot up, oh no.
And a gunman shot at the premiere,
of the Dark Knight movie
; the crowd ran in fear.
In India, half the country was in the dark,
When the power died, that’s really hard.
Libyans held an election, way to go y’all!
We’ve got our own election this fall.
Romney and Ryan, what did you miss it?
That’s the nominated GOP ticket
Democrats don’t want them to kick it,
They want to give Obama four more years.
Speaking of the President, he changed immigration,
Making some young people legal in the nation.
The Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare,
The health law that Republicans want out of here.
They said it’s legal and it can stand,
Some Democrats did cartwheels and handstands.
But the West Nile Virus was the biggest ever,
Isaac hurri-came and it changed the weather.
July was the hottest that we’ve ever seen,
And the drought came through with no rain.
Who’s happy for the Heat? I guess LeBron James,
He put a ring on his finger
like Beyonce.
I watched the Olympics all day, London made it classy,
Usain Bolt ran right past me.
Lance got banned from biking for using drugs,
That’s the Tour de France champion we used to love,
But maybe still do. Scientists at CERN
Discerned a new particle that deserves praise,
It gives atoms mass, Higgs Boson,
And discovery goes on.
RIP for those who died, Sally Ride,
The first ever lady to touch the sky.
The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong,
Look at the legacy that they passed on.
NASA put another rover on Mars,
Keep your mind on the grind and your eyes on the stars...

The Afghan national army

This summer in Afghanistan was a violent one. Taliban insurgents wrought violence upon the country in an effort to show that they still have power. More than a dozen NATO troops were killed. Do you think the Taliban will ever be eliminated? Learn more.

Syria Prime Minister Riad Hijab defected from his position.

Riad Hijab was only Prime Minister of Syria for two months. But despite his short term, he sent a serious message when he stepped down from his position to join the uprising that has been ongoing since March 2011. He was the first member of the Syrian cabinet to resign, and upon resignation, he called Bashar al-Assad's rule a "terrorist, murderous regime." Nevertheless, Assad is still in power. Do you think that his defection is a sign that the Assad's rule is beginning to falter? Learn more.

A man went to a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and shot and killed six people, wounding three others. The man, Wade M. Page, was then killed by the police. The specific motive behind the shooting is unknown, but many believe that it was a racially targeted act of terrorism. Mr. Page was a musician in a white-supremacist band and was affiliated with Neo-Nazi groups. Only two weeks after the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, this tragic shooting continued to raise questions about the role of guns in society. Do you think these two shootings will affect gun policies in the United States? Learn more .

President Obama visits shooting victims in Aurora.

Tragedy struck Aurora, Colorado when a man opened fire at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises . About a half hour after the start of the much-anticipated film, James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 58 more. In the wake of this sad event, a debate about gun control was revived. President Obama and Christian Bale, the star of the film, visited injured victims. How do you think society can prevent future tragedies like this? Learn more.

The city of New Delhi experienced blackouts.

India experienced the largest electrical blackout in history. About 670 people in the north of the country were left without power for two days. While some Indians lamented being left without transportation and water, many citizens didn't really notice because power failures happen there so frequently. In fact, about 300 million Indians don't have regular and reliable access to electricity. By Tuesday the power was back, and officials were left trying to figure out how to prevent another widespread outage. What do you think would happen if half of your country lost power for two days? Learn more.

Mahmoud Jibril, a leader of the National Forces Alliance

Libya today looks very different than it did one year ago. After the overthrow and death of the dictator Muammar Qaddafi, Libyans voted in their first free election in 60 years. The National Forces Alliance, a more secular party, won a majority of seats in the election. Do you think the transition to democracy will continue to be smoothe? Learn more.

The Republican ticket, surrounded by supporters and flags

Mitt Romney was officially named as the Republican candidate for President at the Republican National Convention. The political conventions used to be the place where each party would figure out who the candidate would be. Nowadays the candidate is known in advance and the whole thing is basically a big show. Lots of speeches and lots of balloons. Only two months of campaigning remain until the general election in November. Do you think the convention fired up Republican voters? Learn more.

These men want to stay in the White House.

Shortly after the Republican convention, Democrats met in Charlotte, NC to officially name President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for this year's race. Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton and the President himself gave speeches outlining their plans for the next four years. Will you be watching the presidential elections? Learn more.

Watch President Obama make his announcement.

President Obama announced that undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children will be able to remain in the United States so long as they are either still in school, high school graduates or military veterans, and not over 30. This change in policy will affect up to 800,000 immigrants. The change was made by executive action, which means that President Obama did not consult with Congress. In 2010, Republicans in Congress blocked the Dream Act, which would have granted immigrants similar rights. Why do you think President Obama made this policy change without Congress? Learn more.

President Obama speaks on the health care ruling.

Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, a major goal for the Obama administration. The law included a mandate that all Americans obtain health insurance. But some questioned whether the health care law was constitutional, and the question eventually made its way up to the Supreme Court. This summer, the Supreme Court announced that it had upheld most of the law, including the "individual mandate." Do you think that all Americans should be required to get health insurance? Learn more.

Mosquitos are more than just an itchy annoyance.

The West Nile virus is a deadly disease that is spread by mosquitos. The virus was first detected in 1999, and this year it is more widespread than ever. At least 43 people have died from West Nile in Texas, with other cases documented around the country as well. How can you prevent getting mosquito bites? Learn more.

Windy, rainy Isaac

Hurricane Isaac hit Louisiana, seven years after Hurricane Katrina's destruction of New Orleans. Evacuation orders were issued in some lower areas, but many felt safe enough to stay put and wait it out. What should the government do to help people in the event of hurricanes and what should people do themselves?
Learn more.

These folks seem okay with the heat.

At least 42 people were killed as a result of a massive heatwave that swept the US from the Midwest to the East Coast in July. Heat waves are especially dangerous for elderly people without air conditioning who are unable to leave their homes. The heat wave broke more than 200 temperature records around the country, and it looks like more triple-digit temperatures are on tap for this summer. How do you stay cool and safe during a heat wave? Learn more.

Water. Need water.

78 percent of the country experienced drought conditions this summer, and almost a quarter of the country was in extreme or exceptional drought, the two most severe classifications. The drought dramatically affected production of many crops, as farming states like Idaho and Nebraska are the ones who experienced the worst of it. This followed a July that was the hottest on record. All of which NASA scientists and others are attributing to global warming. What are some of the consequences of a major drought? Learn more.

LeBron has his title.

The shortened basketball season reached its end, with the Miami Heat winning out over Oklahoma City Thunder. And LeBron James won his first title ever, following his controversial move down south from the Cleveland Cavaliers. James was named MVP of the finals and of the regular season. How many more titles do you think Lebron will win? Learn more.

Bolt, "Bolting"

The Olympics came to London this summer. Michael Phelps went out on top, American gymnasts won gold, and Usain Bolt continued to dominate. He ran the 100 meter race in an astounding 9.63 seconds--the second-fastest time in history. Who ran the fastest time? Usain Bolt. How do you think that Bolt trained to run so quickly? Learn more.

Lance Armstrong isn't fighting doping charges anymore.

Lance Armstrong has long been a hero to many. After fighting off a cancer that his doctors said he wouldn't survive, he went on to become the best cyclist the world has ever known. He won the most competitive bike race, the Tour de France, seven times in a row. He had been accused of doping - taking performance-enhancing drugs, which violates the rules of the sport. This summer he stopped fighting the case by the US Anti-Doping Agency. Many think this means he's acknowledging that he was indeed doping and lying to the world all these years. How do you think we should judge Lance Armstrong? Learn more.

A representation of the Higgs boson

Scientists at the CERN particle collider in Switzerland made an important discovery. For the first time, physicists observed something called the Higgs boson particle. What's so great about this tiny particle? Scientists believe it may be what actually allows atoms to have mass. And without it, atoms probably wouldn't exist. That means that without this little guy, the universe as we know it wouldn't exist. That's probably why some people are calling the Higgs boson "the god particle" or "the key to the universe." If the Miami Heat got a parade, do you think the scientists who discovered "the key to the universe" should get a parade too? Learn more.

Sally Ride

Sally Ride, the first American woman to launch into space, died this July. She made history when she joined the crew of Challenger in 1983, and she returned to space in 1984. Back on Earth, Ride was a professor of physics at UCSD before founding Sally Ride Science, a company to help girls and women pursue careers in math, science and technology. Do you want to travel into space? Learn more.

First man to moonwalk

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died in August. Armstrong was the mission commander in the historic Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969. This remains one of the most significant achievements of the 20th century. Armstrong and his fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin accomplished what only decades earlier many would have thought impossible, and for thousands of years was only the stuff of legend and myth. What feat of exploration do you think you'll witness in your lifetime?
Learn more.

One of the color photographs sent back from Mars

In the time since the Curiosity rover landed on Mars in August, it's been sending pictures and video back to NASA. So far, it has sent back the first 360-degree view of Gale Crater, where it landed. Aside from pictures, Curiosity will also be analyzing Gale's rocks for evidence of chemicals necessary for life. Do you think humans will land on Mars in your life time? Learn more.
What Middle Eastern country is experiencing a civil war?
At what movie did a gunman kill 12 people?
The Dark Knight Rises
What country experienced a power outage for two days?
What country held an election for the first time 60 years?
Who is the Republican vice-presidential nominee?
Paul Ryan
What did the Supreme Court rule on Obama's health care law?
The upheld the law.
What month was the hottest we've ever seen?
Where were the 2012 Olympics?
What tiny particle was discovered at CERN?
The Higgs Boson
What just landed on Mars?
The rover Curiosity
Keep your mind on the grind and your eyes on the stars...
...and have a great school year! See you next week!

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