Summer Recap

Top Stories From Summer 2011

It's the return of Flocab like a Jedi,
Coming from the borough where Biggie did it first in Bed-Stuy.
And yes I guarantee,
We're going to recap the summer on your screen.

This summer the only way to beat the Heat,
Was to make sure you had Dirk on your team
The World Cup? Japanese women won,
Bringing hope to the land of the rising sun.

What did we see in D.C.?
When it comes to budget, politicians can't agree,
Yeah the debt limit almost had a dent in it,
Until a compromise came at the last minute.

Our credit rating went down, surprising?
There was a wall of dust in Phoenix rising.
You can't shop Borders, man, that's it,
No more Harry Potter - Bye Daniel Radcliffe.

We saw a new country: South Sudan,
Can that stop the bloodshed throughout the land?
Violence isn't the norm in Norway,
But a man killed 77, causing more pain.

Betty Ford started rehab centers,
Rehab is where Amy Winehouse entered.
But both ladies passed away this summer,
For fans of two, that's a bummer.

The potential Republican presidential nominees,
Debated and raised cash
, who's that? Let's see:
Romney has health, Bachmann has tea,
Perry's got faith, bye bye Pawlenty.

The British tabloids been hacking phones,
And rioters in London: attacking homes.
Libya: revolution. Syria: crackdowns,
Egypt's trying the dictator who tapped out.

In NY, gay people can get married,
Irene rained down, that was kinda sorta scary.
Our fans make sure we live breezy,
Flocab Summer Recap on your TV.

That would be Brooklyn.

Beating out the seemingly unstoppable Miami Heat, the Dallas Mavericks won their first ever NBA championship. All-Star forward Dirk Nowitzki finally led the Mavs to victory after losing in the playoffs every year since 2001. Did you watch the NBA championships this summer? Learn more .

Japan won the Women's World Cup after beating the USA in a penalty shoot out. The win provided a much-needed morale boost for Japan after the natural disasters caused a nuclear catastrophe earlier this year. Do you think that a difficult year in Japan inspired the women's soccer team? Learn more .

This summer, Republicans in Congress refused to increase the debt ceiling, which meant that the United States would be unable to pay its bills. During the debt ceiling arguments, Congressional and Presidential approval ratings plummeted. Finally, President Obama and Congress reached a compromise to increase the debt ceiling and create spending cuts. Do you think Republicans and Democrats should stick to their positions or try harder to compromise? Learn more .

Think getting an A+ is the top grade? Not for the United States. In the aftermath of the debt ceiling debacle, the United States lost its perfect AAA credit rating. This means that it might become more expensive for the U.S. government to borrow money. And the credit downgrade is sign that people are nervous about the United States' financial stability. Why do you think the United States needs to borrow money? Learn more .

A massive haboob dust storm overtook Phoenix on July 5. But words don't do justice to the terrifying wall of dust. You really just need to see it. See pictures of the wall of dust .

All 399 Borders bookstores closed after getting beaten out by Barnes & Noble,, iTunes, mom and pop stores, and Do you think book stores will be able to survive in the digital future? Learn more .

After destroying Voldemort and box office records with a flick of his wand, Harry Potter has reached the end of his story. But that won't stop diehard fans from re-reading and re-watching the series. Do you like to re-read or re-watch your favorite books or movies? Learn more .

South Sudan declared its independence from Sudan after years of fighting in the north that caused over one million deaths. The United Nations recognized the new nation by welcoming South Sudan as its 193rd member. What challenges do you think new nations face? Learn more .

Norway suffered two terorrists attacks on July 22, when a Norwegian right-wing extremist set off a car bomb explosion and then opened fire on a summer camp. 77 people died, and the nation and world mourned the tragedy. How do you think other nations can support Norway in the wake of the tragedy? Learn more .

Former First Lady Betty Ford, the wife of President Gerald Ford, died this summer. After overcoming addiction earlier in her life, Betty Ford opened a rehabilitation center to help others fight drug addiction. People celebrated Ford's honesty about the difficulties she faced in life, because her openness allowed others who struggled similarly to find support. What are other ways that celebrities can use their influence to help people? Learn more .

After struggling for years in the public eye with drug addiction, British singer Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27. Ironically, she is most famous for her song "Rehab." Why do you think so many celebrities have problems with drug addiction? Learn more .

Even though the next presidential election is over a year away, the fight to become the next Republican presidential candidate is underway. Republican candidate hopefuls have begun a series of debates that help explain their views to the American people. Who do you think has the best chance of becoming the Republican candidate? Learn more .

When Mitt Romney was governnor of Massachusetts, he signed a law that gave universal health care to state residents. Now Republicans are questioning whether this health plan makes Romney too liberal. Do you think that all people should have access to affordable health care? Learn more .

U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann is a popular candidate with the conservative Tea Party movement. She supports small government and is against raising taxes. What size do you think the government should be? Learn more .

Texas Governor Rick Perry officially jumped into the Republican nomination race after the first debate in Iowa. In addition to his political work, Perry spoke at a Christian prayer rally in Houston that drew 30,000 people. Do you think a candidate's religion is an important factor in a presidential race? Learn more .

After a poor showing in an early Iowa straw poll, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Do you think Pawlenty made the right decision to drop out so early in the game? Learn more .

This June, the British newspaper News of the World admitted to hacking into the voicemail of a missing girl, who was later found to have been murdered. This revelation caused the newspaper to shut down, and raised ethical questions about reporting. How far should newspapers be allowed to go to find a good story? Learn more .

After a police officer shot a young man in London, riots spread through the city, and eventually through the whole country. Businesses and homes were destroyed as city blocks burned. Now, the United Kingdom is trying to figure out how the situation spiraled out of control so quickly. Why do you think the riots spread, even though many rioters didn't know the person who was killed? Learn more .

Rebels gained power in Libya after months of power struggle. But now, the search is on for the former leader, Muammar el-Gadhafi. People loyal to the old leader continued to fight against the rebels, while NATO stepped in to help locate Gadhafi. Stay tuned: This is a story that is far from over. What do you think will happen when Gadhafi is found? Learn more .

For the past five months, Syrian citizens have been protesting the rule of President Bashar Assad. The President has used the military against the people to suppress the protests. Over four days this past week, 35 people were killed. The Syrian government claims that it is trying to crack down on terrorists, but human rights groups say that it has mostly been unarmed civilians who have been targeted and killed. Do you think that foreign nations should intervene? Learn more .

Egypt revolutionaries ousted Hosni Mubarak from power in February. He had ruled the country for 30 years. The new Egyptian government is now putting Mubarak on trial for the deaths of 800 people during the Arab Spring uprisings. Do you think the former Egyptian leader should be held responsible for deaths during the revolution? Learn more .

After days of intense debate in the New York State legislature--and years of work by gay-rights activisits--New York State legalized gay marriage. Hundreds of same sex couples wed the first day that they were allowed. Do you think New York's new law will affect national marriage laws that currently prevent same-sex couples from marrying? Learn more .

Hurricane Irene caused flooding and destruction in 13 states as it charged violently up the east coast last weekend. New York City shut down its famous subway system, and millions were evacuated from their homes. While some argued that cities and towns overreacted in their storm preparation, over 45 people were killed as a result of the hurricane. Were you affected by Hurricane Irene? Learn more .

What country won the Women's World Cup?
On what financial issue did politicians in Washington reach a compromise?
The debt ceiling
What bookstore chain closed?
What new nation was formed after years of bloody battle?
South Sudan
In what country did a man kill 77 people in a terrorist attack?
What former first lady started a rehab center to fight addiction?
Betty Ford
Which Republican candidate introduced universal healthcare to Massachusetts while he was governor?
Mitt Romney
What did a British tabloid do to set off a scandal?
They hacked into a missing girl's phone.
What state legalized gay marriage?
New York
Who makes sure we live breezy?
Our fans. Thanks for checking out the Summer Recap! See you next week.

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