Year in Rap 2010

A lot happened in 2010, and this special edition of The Week in Rap reminds you of everything you need to know. The 2010 Year in Rap includes: the earthquake in Haiti, the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, the World Cup and more.

It’s Flocab bringing you the Year in Rap
This was 2010. Come on! It’s Flocab putting flavor in your ear
Giving ya’ll the news headlines for the year
Remember how it started off crazy
With a devastating earthquake that tore apart Haiti
And lately I’ve been thinking of the Colts
Getting beat by the Saints for their first Super Bowl
That’s when Obama’s health plan was brand new
But Congress still had no idea what to do
They were just given a brand new budget
3.8 trillion no one wanted to touch it
But to switch up the subject
Remember when the Immigration Law went Public
Arizona had its hands full
Here’s some more news I’ve only given you a sample
The Olympics were held in Vancouver
But with no snow it was hard to maneuver
You know who’s new on the Supreme Court
Elena Kagan got voted as woman number 4
And what about that Volcanic Ash
that cost the European airlines a lot of cash
that was right before the oil rig blast
In the Gulf of Mexico, we’re still trying to get past
Man, this year’s gone by real fast
But the only way we’re ever going out is with a smash
Yeah – to recap the spring and the summer
Police found a bomb in Times Square it was a bummer
But to really take it back
We saw the end of the combat mission in Iraq
Pakistan was hit with floods
400 plus were buried under the mud
And everybody watched the World Cup
Spain beat the Netherlands yup that’s what’s up
Now, moving on to Mexico
The violence was heavy, anybody could be next to go
In Afghanistan, McChrystal got canned
Another way to say he was relieved of command
California saw the Gay Marriage ban
Get overturned, Yup
Let’s take a trip to France
Where they had protests on retirement reform
The UK had something similar going on
But in the States, Tea Parties are the move
The midterm elections saw the Democrats lose
Wikileaks was willing and able
To release a whole bunch of classified cables
In Chile the miners got trapped
But they got freed, so how’s about that?
Ya’ll know the name of the crew is Flocab
2010 is over and out
The Year in Rap.

A magnitude 7 earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, and destroyed the city. A worldwide relief effort to help the newly homeless people of Haiti began. Learn more .

The Saints beat the Colts to win their first Super Bowl ever. This triumphant win raised the spirits of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina had pummeled the city five years before. Learn more .

After months of arguments in Congress, President Obama's health care plan was officially approved. The plan aimed to provide health insurance for 31 million previously uninsured Americans. Learn more .

President Obama created a $3.8 trillion budget for the country. It aimed to improve the economy and help control the deficit. Learn more .

Arizona unveiled a new law that aimed to aggressively find and deport illegal immigrants. The law, which allowed police officers to search any person they believed to be an illegal immigrant, created controversy between pro- and anti-immigration people. Learn more .

Vancouver, a Canadian city, hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. Americans watched as favorite Lindsey Vonn competed for skiing gold, a task made even harder by poor snow conditions in the mountains. Learn more .

President Obama appointed Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court of the United States. She is the fourth woman to serve as a Supreme Court justice. Learn more .

A volcano erupted in Iceland, and an enormous migrating cloud of ash caused flights to be canceled for days. Learn more .

An oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico not only killed 11 people and disrupted the ecosystem, but also caused an oil spill that took months of international effort to clean up. It was the largest oil spill off the coast of the United States in history. Learn more .

Police found a car bomb in Times Square, the famously busy and bright area of New York City. Luckily, police found the bomb in time, and it didn't explode. Learn more .

President Obama announced that the United States' seven-year long mission in Iraq would come to an end, and that the troops would begin to return to the U.S. Learn more .

Floods caused by monsoon rain caused the deaths of more than 400 people in Pakistan. The floods also destroyed cities and farmland. Learn more .

Spain beat the Netherlands to win the World Cup of soccer for the first time in the nation's history. Spectators celebrated the win by blowing on vuvuzelas, strange noisemaking instruments. Learn more .

Drug trafficking in Mexico causes extreme violence. Drug cartels use any means necessary to protect their goods, and it often means death for innocents caught in the fray. Learn more .

General Stanley McChrystal was fired from his post as top Afghanistan commander after giving a tell-all interview to Rolling Stone Magazine . In this interview, he insulted the president and his policies. Not such a great idea to insult your boss in a national publication. Learn more .

After a vote to ban gay marriage passed in 2008, a judge overturned the ban in 2010. However, the legal process was far from over, and gay marriage was not immediately legal. Learn more .

When France announced that it would raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, nearly a million people marched to protest. Learn more .

After two years of controlling the House of Representatives, Senate and presidency, Democrats lost many positions to the Republicans in the midterm elections. Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, bolstered by the Tea Party, a new ultraconservative political group. Learn more .

Australian Julian Assange posted classified American documents on his website WikiLeaks, revealing many U.S. military and diplomacy secrets. He was arrested. Learn more .

Thirty-three miners in Chile were all saved after being trapped underground for over two months. The world celebrated. Learn more .

What nation was hit by a devastating earthquake?
Which team won its first Super Bowl?
The Saints
What state passed a controversial immigration law?
Where were the Olympics held?
What cost the European airlines a lot of cash?
Volcanic ash
What country was hit by floods?
Which country won the World Cup?
Which state overturned a ban on gay marriage?
Which political party lost in the midterm elections?
The Democratic Party
What happened to the Chilean miners in the end?
They were freed!

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