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Word Up Turquoise Unit 11

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Do you know about Little Minnie? No? Little Minnie is so small that she sleeps in a shoebox. She's so small that she can wash her face with a drop of rain. She's Little Minnie.

You'll learn these words: award, core, fuel, gap, mention, motor, nibble, settle, tiny, wealthy.

tiny (adj)
If something is tiny , it is very small.
I have a tiny dog. He only weighs 5 pounds.
award (noun)
You give someone an award when they win something or do something really well.
Dallas won an award for his science project.
(verb) If you award someone something, you give it to them as a prize.
Dina awarded goody bags to the kids who came to her party.
settle (verb)
1. When you settle down, you stop moving around. You take it easy and relax.
After my brother has a temper tantrum, he usually settles down.
2. If you settle a problem or fight, you figure out how to solve it.
Morgan and Owen settled on how to share the shake.
3. If you settle in a town, it means you choose to live there for a long time.
My family settled in Connecticut after my mom got a job there.
core (noun)
The core is the center or middle part of some round things like fruit or planets.
After finishing the apple, I threw the core away.
nibble (verb)
When you nibble something, you take little bites of it.
The bunny nibbled on the flowers in our garden.
(noun) Fuel is something, like gasoline, that is burned to give power or heat.
The pit crew gave the car more fuel so the driver could finish the race.
motor (noun)
A motor is an engine, an object that allows something to move or do work.
The car's motor was broken. My brother Donny tried to fix it.
mention (verb)
If you mention something, you talk about it without saying too much about it.
Krista mentioned to her friends that she had a new boyfriend.
gap (noun)
A gap is a space in between two things that are usually closed.
Brittany proudly showed off the gap in her teeth.
wealthy (adj)
If you're wealthy , you have a lot of money. You are rich.
The owners of the big house are very wealthy .

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