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A mime is a street performer who entertains people on sidewalks and in parks. Unlike other performers, a mime never speaks while performing. Instead, a mime will act out a scene using only his or her hands and body. The classic mime paints his or her face white, and might wear a striped shirt. One of the most famous moves mimes do is to pretend they are stuck in a box.

You'll learn these words: strive, linger, ignite, dominate, distinct, mimic, parody, rural, diversity, urban, objective, superior, ample, collaborate, concise.

strive (verb)
to try hard; to struggle to accomplish something
Danny always strives to be a good driver and follow the speed limit.
Antonyms: give up, surrender
linger (verb)
to stay in place longer than expected
Kam was a good scholar and often lingered over his books late at night.
Synonyms: to stay on, loiter
ignite (verb)
to set on fire; to burn
We used a white lighter to ignite the flames.
Other forms: A piece of wood that can catch fire is ignitable (adj.).
dominate (verb)
to rule over, control, or tower above
Because he is nearly seven-and-a-half feet tall, Yao Ming dominates most of his competitors on the court.
Other forms: Someone or something that dominates is dominant (adj.).
distinct (adj)
different; not the same as others
The bunny had a very distinct smell that made the lamb want to sniff it.
Antonyms: indistinct, same
Other forms: You can distinctly (adverb) remember something that's fresh in your mind. Distinct is also related to distinction (adj.), which is what a brave firefighter might get to honor him for a special service.
mimic (verb)
to imitate or copy an action (often to make fun of someone)
Will Ferrell often mimics famous people to make his audience laugh.
Synonyms: to mock, impersonate
Other forms: Mimic can also be a noun, as in: That parrot is a talented mimic (noun).
parody (noun)
a funny imitation
The show Saturday Night Live did a parody of the President's speech just three days after the real thing.
Other forms: You parody (verb) something if you imitate it for laughs, especially if you are trying to say something about the original.
rural (adj)
out in the country or related to the country.
When you think about America, you might picture Times Square, but much of the country is rural, covered in trees, grass and farms.
Synonyms: rustic
Antonyms: urban, city-like
diversity (noun)
having different types together; variety
You can tell the diversity of my interests from the books I buy: I read everything from nonfiction to comic books.
Antonyms: sameness, uniformity
Other forms: You can have a diverse (adj.) wardrobe if you have many types of clothes.
urban (adj)
having to do with the city; city-like
With so many interesting buildings, Tokyo is a great place to study urban architecture.
Antonyms: rural
objective (noun)
a goal or purpose
The objective of the Army Rangers was to enter the house and find the stash of money without firing their weapons.
Other forms: Objective can also be an adjective meaning "not influenced by personal thoughts or feelings," as in: The judge was objective (adj.), he never let his personal feelings get in the way of the law.
superior (adj)
better than; above average
Tour writing is neat, but if you look closely, it's obvious that Wanda has superior hand writing.
Synonyms: excellent, distinguished
Antonyms: worse, inferior
ample (adj)
plenty; more than enough
Ms. Vanessa is very nice; she provided us with ample supplies at craft time.
Synonyms: plentiful, fairly large
collaborate (verb)
to work together, especially on a piece of work or art
The team collaborated to come up with the best idea.
Other forms: People who collaborate are collaborators; they form a collaboration (noun), and they show off a collaborative (adj.) spirit.
concise (adj)
short and to the point; saying a lot in a few words
Unlike her husband, who often rambled on about random things, Lee kept stories concise and to the point.
Synonyms: short and sweet, brief
Other forms: You can say something concisely (adverb).

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