This is the story of a parrot who lived in the jungle. She lived a simple life, flying around, going wherever she wanted. But what would happen if a mean guy decided he wanted to trap her one day? Would it be the end of her freedom?

You'll learn these words: attractive, captivity, carefree, coax, desire, frantic, plead, release, tragic, vast.

carefree (adj)
Without troubles or worries.
I used to think a butterfly's life was carefree
until I realized that butterflies have to worry about finding food like any other animal.
attractive (adj)
Pleasing to the eye, mind, or senses; having the power to draw attention.
Kyle's dad painted the house in an attractive blue.
coax (verb)
To get someone to do something in a gentle way; to persuade.
Mrs. Jamison tried to coax the pony out with treats.
desire (verb)
To wish for; to want very much.
As soon as I saw the guitar in the window I desired it.
(noun) Something that you want very much; a longing.
John has a strong desire to be a doctor someday.
captivity (noun)
The state of being held or imprisoned against one's wishes.
Sitting in jail, the prisoner had lots of time to think about his captivity .
plead (verb)
To ask for something that is felt to be very important; to beg.
The robot pleaded for me to build him a robot-friend.
release (verb)
To let go; to free.
Screaming is not a good way to release your frustration.
(noun) A freeing or letting go.
After his release from prison, Jerry opened a taco stand.
frantic (adj)
Very excited or upset; marked by fast, wild, or nervous actions.
As soon as we leave the house, our dog Marbles gets frantic .
tragic (adj)
Causing great sadness.
I just got to the tragic ending of the play and found out both Romeo and Juliet end up dead.
vast (adj)
Very big in area or size.
The ocean is so vast that you could swim around it your whole life and never be in the same place twice.

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