Teaching with Flocabulary

The Flocabulary Lesson Sequence

Watch the Video.
Watch it Again.
Flocabulary presents academic content in a highly-engaging, contemporary format. Videos let the topic speak for itself, providing students with both visual and aural exposure. And videos aren't only for introducing new topics: Use them to review and provide ongoing enrichment as well.
Practice and assess,
online and off.
Each video includes additional resources to review and enrich: Use challenge questions for a quick formative assessment. Learn more while building literacy skills with interactive lyrics. And review key terms with fill in the blanks. You can also print activities and tests to formally assess student learning.
Take the lesson further
with writing and games.
Now it's time for students to write. Students can write their own rhymes, and even perform them over beats. Additionally, you can extend any lesson with Common Core-aligned writing activities, lessons and games. Find lessons for your subject of choice at the bottom of this page.
5 Ways to Find Content

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Search for topics by keyword, song title, or Common Core Standard.
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Easily access all of your favorite videos in a single click. Add a favorite by clicking the star on the video page.
Browse by Common Core Standard to find a list of aligned videos.
Find Flocabulary videos and activities perfect for every time of year.
Implementation Guides
For Each Subject

How does Flocabulary fit into your curriculum? That depends on which subject you're using. Click on one of our six subjects for in-depth planning tips and supplementary lesson plans.